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Joe Chance

Founder of WRC Refrigeration Engineering Contractors LLC

Founded in 1983 by Joe Chance, WRC Refrigeration Engineering Contractors LLC has operated in 14 states for over 30 years completing a variety of industrial refrigeration systems.  From concept to installation, WRC does it all.

WRC designs, engineers, installs and general contracts the entire project or we can work with others to complete your project in a timely cost effective manor.  We cover refrigeration systems that are low temperature (freezers), medium temperature (coolers), and high temperature (climate control).  Our designs require the installation of insulated metal panels and cold storage doors for cold storage facilities, refrigerated warehousing, refrigerated distribution and processing centers of all types (meat, poultry, fruits and vegetables).


We have many years of experience in all phases of refrigeration systems from industrial refrigeration systems to grocery market equipment systems. We perform installation on new construction to remodels and refrigerant conversions. We are thoroughly familiar with CPC controls, electrical leak detecting devices, Comtrol, Novar, Dan Foss, AllTech and other controllers and environmental panels. We can install and service parallel racks, uneven parallel racks, screw compressors, scroll compressors, reciprocating compressors, chillers, boilers, heat reclaim systems, air cooled condensers, evaporative condensers, as well as air-conditioning/heating systems. We have installed and serviced Tyler equipment, Hussmann equipment, Warren/Sheer, Kysor Warren, Hill Phoenix, Krack Industries equipment and all other major and not so major brands. We have worked with most national corporations such as Safeway, Food Service America, Wal-Mart, Simplot Meat Company, Albertsons, Youngs Market Company, California Department of Corrections, and many others.  If you have commercial & industrial refrigeration needs, look no further than to contact WRC Refrigeration Engineering Contractors LLC.



ARIZONA – LIC. #111984; CALIFORNIA – LIC. #516819; IDAHO – LIC. #RCE33579; HAWAII – LIC. #CT-30867;  NEVADA – LIC. #0038159; OREGON – LIC. #196989; UTAH – LIC. #7609632-5551; WASHINGTON – LIC. #601841479; TEXAS – LIC. #TACLA021646R; WYOMING – *LIC. NOT REQUIRED; MONTANA – LIC. #161294; NEW MEXICO – LIC. #55686; COLORADO – *LIC. NOT REQUIRED.  

All Types of Refrigeration Needs

WRC specializes in cold storage facilities such as refrigerated warehousing, refrigerated distribution centers, refrigerated processing facilities of all types including meat, poultry, fruits and vegetables, and climate control for technical centers.

New Construction or remodels

We can perform installation on new construction, remodels, conversions and retrofits and can provide everything needed from the ground up.  When finished, our units are complete “turn key” systems.  We take care of all subcontracting, permits, planning and other “as-needed” entities so that you do not have to.  WRC is truly a one stop solution for all your industrial refrigeration needs.


"I've worked with WRC on a number of job sites and their work is always HIGH-QUALITY, delivered ON-TIME, and most importantly ON-BUDGET!”
josh springer
Josh Springer